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10.06.2022 AT 18:00 UTC LISTED:

CONTRACT: 0xD3Fab8BF92a08c0559d29C4258aF3f2D802f79a3

What is Crypto-Scammer

It's a blockchain DAPP where you can scan a token contract for potential scam and anti-bot functions, by providing you a complete and detailed report.

How we do that?

  • All information represented so anyone can understand;
  • Scanning the total supply and holders, giving you a risk assessment;
  • Listing the scam and anti-bot functions found with a description for each one;
  • Detecting honeypots or high fees;

Crypto Scammer

We want to provide a safe environment for Investors and Project Developers

The ultimate goal of Crypto Scammer is to be the all-in-one protection solution in crypto-space.

Our ultimate goal the End Game Dex will bridge projects with their investors in a safe and profitable way for everyone.

Crypto-Scammer Roadmap

Support our long road ahead and be a part of our dreams!

June 2021

05.06.2021 - Birth of MultiSniper and it's telegram support group
13.06.2021 - Launch of MultiSniper basic

July 2021

06.06.2021 - Launch of MultiSniper Plus
17.06.2021 - Start development of Crypto-Scammer

August 2021

20.08.2021 - Implementation of Web Interface for MultiSniper Plus

September 2021

01.09.2021 - MultiSniper Plus Ethereum Addon

March 2022

08.03.2022 - MultiSniper Plus Remake with Smart Contract Addon
08.03.2022 - MultiSniper Plus Polygon Addon

April 2022

01.04.2022 - Testing & Debugging of Crypto-Scammer

May 2022

06.06.2022 - Official tests with MultiSniper Clients

June 2022

01.06.2022 - Private sale for Crypto-Scammer token ultility
02.06.2022 - Marketing & Shilling for Crypto-Scammer launch
10.06.2022 - Official launch of Crypto-Scammer on PancakeSwap
30.06.2022 - Launch of Reward & Referral system

July 2022

01.07.2022 - Start recruiting team members for projects development
20.07.2022 - Launch of staking by only holding the token
in your wallet and receiving daily free scans;

August 2022

01.08.2022 - Launch of Scam Wallets rating & reporting system 
10.08.2022 - Launch of Credits package & API for third party DAPPS 
15.08.2022 - Launch of Wiki section with guides for nodes and smart contracts 
20.08.2022 - Improvements on scanner accuracy & functionality 

September 2022

01.09.2022 - Start development of Node Network for BSC, Ethereum & Polygon
01.09.2022 - Start parallel development fo Crypto-Scammer expansion to Ethereum & Polygon

October 2022

01.10.2022 - Start development of the "End Game" Dex

November 2022

01.10.2022 - Launch of the Node Network service

December 2022

01.12.2022 - Launch of Crypto-Scammer expansion to Ethereum & Polygon

February 2023

01.02.2023 - Launch of audit and developing section for smart contracts
01.02.2023 - Listing CRYPSCAM token on and other markets
01.02.2023 - Marketing Campaign for the "End Game" Dex

March 2023

01.03.2023 - Testing of the "End Game" All in one Presale & Listing Platform

April 2023

01.04.2023 - Presale & Marketing for the launch of the "End Game" Dex

May 2023

01.01.2023 - Official launch of the "End Game" Dex on BSC

July 2023

01.01.2023 - Official launch of the "End Game" on Ethereum and Polygon

Crypto Scammer and CRYPSCAM Token

Crypto Scammer isn’t just a tool for scanning projects, will be a portal to crypto-space where people with ideas can get the needed support to put them in practice.

In the future will be also a Wiki that can provide information for everyone, even for beginners on how to create and read a smart contract. But mainly Crypto Scammer is the steeping stone to the “End Game” and CRYPSCAM Token will be the main currency used for payment for all the services provided.


Crypto-Scammer will launch with 60% functionality on Binance Smart Chain BNB Blockchain
Soon after will expand to other popular blockchains like:

Ethereum BNB Blockchain and Polygon BNB Blockchain


CRYPSCAM token is going to the only payment currency for all the services provided by now and in the future.
All the payments will have 50% of their value burned, this helping our investors get a profit out even before the completion of the projects.
As a secondary ultitity, and very important one, the fees on CRYPTSCAM token will provide us with the most needed development funds so we can make all the projects, we planned, possible.


Private Sale: 475 000 000 (47.5%) CRYPSCAM
Liquidity token: 475 000 000 (47.5%) CRYPSCAM
Liquidity currency: 30 000 BUSD (100% from private sale)
Price on listing: 0.000063157 BUSD / 1 CRYPSCAM
Soft Cap/ Hard Cap: 30 000 BUSD;
Min/Max contribution: 250 BUSD;
Total max investors: 120;
100% to liquidity;

Private Sale Calendar

Don't miss out on our private sale!

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
01 Jun, 2022 09:00 PM 10 Jun, 2022 09:00 PM 475000000 CRYPSCAM 0.00006315 BUSD

Our Team Members

Everyone says it's the team that makes the project worth it, but we also think that it's the will to make an impact and change things. One person can make a difference!


Kirito Beeter

Developer & Owner


Marketing & Co-Owner



Use Crypto Scammer for free !

We are proud to launch Crypto Scammer platform that is hopefully the first step in creating a safe environment for investors and project developers in this wonderful crypto-space.  Crypto Scammer will be free to use until 11 june 2022 when payment in CRYPSCAM token will be activated and required.

Our Partners & Affiliates:

We would like to say "Thank you!" to people that support and belive in this project, people that got involved and share the same dream as us.








Frequently Asked Questions

We will try and answer all the main questions we can think of so you have all the information at your disposal.

You will have 3 main products that CRYPSCAM will be used for: 1. Crypto-Scammer Scans; 2. Renting Nodes on the Node-Network; 3. Audit and Developing smart contracts

As you were informed by now, CRYPSCAM is the only payment currency for and its a deflationary token in the sense that 50% of every payment on the site will be sent to a DEAD wallet. This means the token price will always go up cause the circulating supply will be constantly be diminished. The best way you can help is not holding, but bringing more people to the project and trading.

First thank you for the offer, it's great to see people that support your projects, in my case you are also supporting my dream. Regarding the investment part, I'm very sorry, but, i will have to decline. The main reason this did not start big with a lot of investors and capital is simply cause i don't want what happened to other project happen here. To explain better, when you are a big investor you will ask that the project be modified or optimized for profits and let's be honest here, that's how it should be. But that means the idea itself is lost on the way and the good intentions go out the window and are replaced with making more and more profit. I don't want to deliver a project that started as a movement to change crypto and instead get out a ponzy scheme. If you are really willing to help and share my dream, share to people, make them see the real value. If you want to anonymous donate funds, thank you, just send them to the Crypto-Scammer payment wallet.

Beside the fact that i supported all the development costs until now and the current platform is developed splitting the time between MultiSniper and Crypto-Scammer. I bring you one promise, i will keep working on the roadmap, even if i have to do it all myself. Not to get rich quick and provide a shitty project, but to make an impact so we can all benefit.

The private sale was needed to put a value on the token and this way making everyone equal and making the token launch as stable as i can, i believe everyone has the possibility to get a profit out and help the project at the same time.

Who best to think of a way to detect scams and develop a DEX that can't be sniped? Day to day every sniper confronts with anti-bot functions that can make you lose 100% of your money if you don't understand how to read a smart contract and adapt. So why can't you benefit from all that knowledge too?

Simple actually we want to show that we are not afraid of the word "scammer" and we want to be the ones that stop scams in the crypto-space, at least the ones we can.